About Us

Real Estate Sales

We have a wide portfolio of properties available across the islands of Antigua and Barbuda which you will find listed on this website. We also have a number of both residential and commercial properties which are not listed due to the sensitivity of the sellers wishing to openly declare their desire to sell.  Once we start working with you to find your property we will be able to discuss such properties with you should we think that they will deliver to your requirements so please be sure to give us as much information as possible about your desired investment.

Real Estate Rentals

We have an excellent selection of rental properties to suit most needs and budgets, both short and long term. We will work with other property owners and managers to find a property that will provide what you need to have a wonderful vacation in Antigua and are also able to assist in relocation advice for people seeking to move to Antigua either temporarily or permanently.

Investment Facilitation

Our team provides up to date, accurate information about investing in Antigua and Barbuda, providing the necessary information and support to prospective investors during the decision making processes to include:

– Coordinating with government agencies
– Identifying property sites and buildings
– Hosting corporate and consultant visit
– Compiling state and local incentives
– Securing varied professional services
– Business registration
– Immigration and work permit services

Concierge Services

– Meet and Greet
– Country Orientation
– Luxury Life style Management
– Travel and local tour coordination
– Best in local entertainment and dining
– Procurement of culinary experiences
– Guards and personal security
– Access to exclusive events and planning
– Advice on health and wellness services

Legal Services

The legal system of Antigua and Barbuda is based on English Common Law. Our affiliate team of Lawyers provides excellent services both locally and internationally in general and corporate law, to include:

– Commercial and Residential Conveyance
– Leases
– Company Registration
– Residential and Commercial Leases.